Disney Tie Dye Backpack/ Glitter Tinkerbell Drawstring Cinch Sack/ Disney Vacation Cinderella’s Castle/ Tinkerbell Silhouette Park Travel Bag

  • $23.50

Disney tie dye backpack/ glitter Tinkerbell drawstring cinch sack/ Disney vacation Cinderella’s castle/ Tinkerbell silhouette park travel bag features a cinch sack in your choice of cool tie dye colors with a Cinderella’s castle and a silhouette of Tinkerbell who blows magic glitter fairy sparkle dust kisses.

Each tie-dye cinch sack bag is nostalgically unique as no two bags are exactly alike, giving each one its own unique character.

• 80% cotton, 20% polyester
• Drawstrings match bag color
• 19” x 15”

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